Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Reaming Hour

The Reaming Hour is a couple of guys who get together and jam.   Over the years we have recorded tracks, and  video's. We have a myspace music page here: -  and a music video on you tube here: -  But mainly we just JAM!!!!!   You may be wondering what exactly does "The Reaming Hour" mean?  Well,  It is the moment in someone's life that they realize they just got FuckeD.. Everyone has or will come to know The Reaming Hour......So basically we are just coming out of our shells, extending out into the world.  I have not decided which way we will go with this blog.  Maybe it will be about music, maybe it will be about everyone's self realized reaming hour, and maybe it will just be and outlet to pour raw material.  Either way we are here and we are ready to take this on.  If anyone has the guts to tell the story of  their reaming hour feel free to leave a comment!!!!!